Our world best high quality products, will maker sure, that with them you feel better

Premium Le President®

Bavaria Wolltex Company trademark is Premium Le President – this is the most exclusive and distinguished product made of high quality wool with top production and sophisticated design.

Premium Himalaya Art®

Premium Himalaya Art is ranked among the top quality products of Bavaria Wolltex Company. It is the best product that you can do with the technology of knitting.

Merino Superwash

All products »Merino Superwash« are made of high quality australian Merino wool and are suitable for long-term daily use. Despite the fact, that the thickness of hair are no more than 24mm…

Car Seat Cover

On long trips, the car seat cover proved itself as a necessary companion. It has found its own special place in our production….

Single and double chair seat

Enojni in dvojni sedežnik

Your chair in the dining or working room will with our wool seat become more comfortable than ever. Filled with the high quality foam…

Slippers and bedroom slippers

Beautiful and worm wool slippers and bedroom slippers are indispensable for people with cold feet. The inner side iz made from natural wool witch provides a pleasant feeling of warmth


Tilčni valj

For relaxed afternoon nap, for lying in front of televison, for traveling, in the car, on the train….the neck cylinder of pure Merino wool…

Soft Micro Sleep®

New times bring new tehnologies and new solutions. Good example is the technology of so-called microfaser or microfiber. In our programe ...


Telesni pasovi

Flexible, high quality cotton fabric for body coverings are used for sore kidneys, sore joints or just to keep us worm. Kidney belt, vest, belts for knee, wrist, shoulder…..

Memotemp pillow

vzglavnik memotemp

Becouse of an open cell and silver ions the pillow Memotemp creates a safe environment from 99.9% of bacteria. It also has the property of maintaining a constant body temperature…