Premium Le President®

Premium Le President


Bavaria Wolltex Company's trademark is Premium Le President. This most exclusive product is distinguished by high quality of wool, top finish and sophisticated design. Weaving technology is taken from Berber carpet where the density of the weave by one of the best models reach 120,000 knots per m2 and therefore they last for several generations. With the latest technology at our Premium Le President, we have achieved a density of weaving 480,000 knots per m2, and because of this density the height of the hair can be shorn to only 9 mm of the langth by the surface weight of 580 gr/ m2 Becouse only the best is ment for our collection Premium Le President we have quilted this kit with the best materials: it is pure silk with wool.
The kit Le President is protected with the application of 38,000 stitches. The production of such material, in compare to traditional methods, requires up to 6-fold more amount of wool. Premium Le President certainly represents incomprehensible sens of comfort while contact with the skin. Thanks to the laminations it has extraordinary properties of maintaining body temperature witch opens the door to the world of deep sleep and reganeration of the body. Premium Le Presient® consists three parts: upper cover, pillow with Memotemp filler and bottom quilt with built-in silver network.

Technical characteristics

- Fabric composition: pure Merino wool
- Fineness: 21 microns
- The height of hair: 9mm
- Surface weight: 580g / m2
- Quiliting: 70% silk, 30% wool Equipment: "Superwash"
- Processing: weaving 480,000 knots / m2
- Nurturing: wash up to 30 ° C
- Accessories: silver threads, mattress outline
- Logo embroidery: an application with 38,000 stitches
- Warranty: 5 years

Premium Le President® - Standard Set

1. Upper cover 130x195 cm
2. Bottom quilt 90x190 cm
3. Pillow 40x70 cm
1 + 2 + 3 = STANDARD SET


Premium Le President® - Set Medium

1. Upper cover 200x200 cm
2. Bottom quilt 160x200 cm
3. Pillow 40x70 cm (2x)
1 + 2 + 3 = SET MEDIUM


Premium Le President® - Set France

1. Upper cover 220X200 cm
2. Bottom quilt 180x200 cm
3. Pillow 40x70 cm (2X)
1 + 2 + 3 = SET FRANCE