Quality sleeping with christal therapy


Crystals are precious and sami-precious stones. Healing with them was already known in ancient Egipt and all the classical philosophs  and naturalists, such as: Herodot, Platon and Aristotel wrote about their magical characteristics.  Wake up rested and full of energy. Crystals emit vibrations that have positive affection on our body. They are different, from 10 to 900 vibrations per second.

A product taken from nature without any side affects.


The crystals fill us with energy and protect us when most needed….. during our sleep.

Crystals calm us down and work against insomnia

  • - They improve blood circolation
  • - Improve immune system
  • - Normalized body temperature
  • - Accelerate wound healing
  • - Relaxed our psyche
  • - Improve our well-being

With crystals to energy

The human body have an unbalanced molectular structure and contains 70 % water. When we feel good, the cells vibrate 100 %, when we feel bad they vibrate up to 80 % and when we get ill cells  vibration is just 50 % or less. Crystals with its vibrations place the structure of water in our body to proper balance. They change the structure of water to properly witch calm us down, relax us and help us to fall a sleep more easier.

Crystals protect us

Crystals have a clean record of a formative life principle existence. In spite of all, we can not understand their lives » they are living creatures » Nikola Tesla

Crystals are the highest form of development in the world of minerals; with proper scheduled atoms, ions and molecules. Have you ever heard that, with the help of the crystals , you can help yourself in a very simple way: you can free yourself  from tension, nervousness, trauma, stress, fear, you can awake your intuition and emotional intelligence, sensitivity, manage your own energy, heal yourself and many other things? Crystals, precious and sami-precious stones can be a decoration or a reflection of power, depending in whose hands they are.

However, their primary task is balancing and healing the body, mind and soul.

Crystals provide good sleep

- Improve the well-benig
- They shedule our life energy all over the body
- Accelerate the process of self-healing