If we are ful of energy, we feel great and we are healthy so life is wonderful.

Carico® kitcheware

With kitcheware ultra tech II you can say goodbye to fat, boiled and vitamin weakened food and enjoy the incredible tasty, healthy food which contains ... more

Water filter Wholehouse

The unit for the entire household provides filtering a large number of harmful chemicals before they come into your home. Helps to protect and extends the life of water devices and improves the more

15˝ Water filter

Becouse the quality of drinking water is constantly decreasing, the level of chemicals rises and becouse of increasingly smaller percentage of our water on more

Water filter Penguin™

Penguin ™ system with a digital meter water flow and wide range (the so-called "full spectrum") cartridge with ceramic elements has two levels with possibility to filtrate up to 4,000 gallons of water per more

Water filter Soft`n Clean

Enojni in dvojni sedežnik

The system Soft`n Clean stainless steel is the only shower filter that cleans and softens the water and reduces exposure to chemicals while we shower… .read more

Air filter compact

Air filter Compact is sophisticated and designed for small, perticulary recommended, children`s rooms. It has 6 levels….. read more

Air filter deluxe

Tilčni valj

We are aware that the air is one of the three basic things that are important to our lives. The quality of it is decreasing from year to year and therefore we have developed a filtration system to clean indoor air. … .read more